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Vice-President of the German Bundestag, Mrs Goering-Eckardt, visited Stahlwerk Thüringen

Mrs Göring-Eckardt, Vice-President of the German Bundestag, visited our company yesterday morning.

She held intensive talks with management representatives and the exchange of ideas focussed on the status of ambitious projects pushed forward by Stahlwerk Thüringen (SWT), such as the sustainability and decarbonisation projects, in their full range – from the use of electricity from renewable energies, the framework and the gigantic green energy needs, that are necessary to replace gradually natural gas by hydrogen in the future, the substitution of input materials with high CO₂-backpack, the recycling of scrap, the waste heat recovery up to the reprocessing of industrial dumps with the aim of recovering valuable materials and saving landfill space.

The existential and strategic issue of “Green Steel” (CO₂-reduced steel) for SWT was presented with a view to the upcoming planned market launch.

Mrs Göring-Eckardt agreed with the management that necessary, accompanying political measures, to motivate the use of CO₂-reduced materials, have already to be established as binding in the project planning phase of construction and infrastructure investments.

SWT emphasised the need for regional cooperation and value creation and expressed its willingness to make further efforts in this regard within the framework of the regional company association “Saalewirtschaft”.

The talks were started with a brief insight into the steel production area on site.

We thank Mrs Göring-Eckardt very much for visiting the company, the interesting discussion and the intensive exchange of opinions and ideas.