Green Steel cooperation of Klöckner & Co and Stahlwerk Thueringen

Sustainability and decarbonization (N & D) are topics that Stahlwerk Thueringen (SWT) is dealing with for many years. Thanks to the acquisition of our steel mill and integration into the Brazilian CSN Group in 2012, we were able to focus on N & D activities and to push them further.


Our goal: becoming continuously “greener”.


To achieve this goal, topics such as the reduction of CO2-equivalent emissions within our production processes, but also in the logistics to our customers and from our suppliers to the mill, are essential for us.


Moreover, with a 100 % scrap-based input and scrap deliveries within an area of 300 to 400 km around, SWT itself is a sustainably operating recycling company.


Thanks to the use of "green electricity", CO2-neutral logistics and the reuse / best possible recycling of intermediate and residual materials, we are approaching our goal of climate neutrality.


Step by step, SWT intends to implement further effective improvements in terms of sustainability and decarbonization in the future.


Now we have achieved a milestone with our first sustainable product line,


SWT Stahlwerk Thüringen Green Steel ®,


whose manufacturing process has a low CO2 emission of less than 400 kg CO2 per ton of sections steel. This value can be verified thanks to an audited environmental product declaration in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A1.


In cooperation with one of our customers, Klöckner & Co, we strive for an effectively positioning of “Green Steel” on the European markets.


In order to consolidate this cooperation, we were able to sign a global agreement for the supply of CO2-reduced sections steel and launch the first SWT Stahlwerk Thüringen Green Steel ® product deliveries.


At the handover of the first SWT Stahlwerk Thüringen Green Steel ® products in the picture from left to right: Dr. Rolf Wendler (Commercial Director, Stahlwerk Thüringen) and Mr. Bernhard Weiß (Klöckner & Co, CEO Europe).


To enable customers to see reliably, transparently and easily what the CO2 profile of a product purchased from Klöckner & Co looks like in the future, Klöckner & Co has developed a rating scale for green and CO2-reduced steel in cooperation with the Boston Consulting Group. The scale is based on international, science-based standards and categorizes CO2-reduced steel based on certified emissions across the entire value chain from raw material extraction to production (


SWT meets the requirements for the best possible Green Steel category "Prime".


Together with Klöckner & Co, CSN Stahlwerk Thüringen will continue to develop steel products for our customers and end users and make them even more sustainable.