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30 years Stahlwerk Thueringen GmbH

With the aquisition of plant parts from the former Maxhütte Unterwellenborn by the Luxembourg-based ARBED Group, the decision was made to replace the uneconomical route of the prematerial production (via blast furnace or basic oxygen steelmaking process - ingot casting and rolling) by a modern electric steel mill with continuous caster.

The confidence that this project would succeed was especially based on the qualified and committed workforce and the combined section mill that went into production in 1985.

Since 2012, we have been a part of the Brazilian CSN Group. The focus of our management, Mrs. Carla Lorenzo Cardoso and Mr. Luis Fernando Martinez Ferreira, is on the responsible handling of the environment as well as an above-average social commitment. In addition, our activities are focused on the sustainable production of "green steel" through innovations in technology and plant engineering.

We would like to thank our employees for their hard work and high level of commitment, as well as all our customers, partners and suppliers for their trust in us!