30 years company fire brigade Stahlwerk Thüringen

Our company fire brigade was founded thirty years ago, on 15.09.1992, to prevent and fight fire or explosion hazards.

While at the beginning any activity was carried out by using the leftover equipment of the former company fire brigade of Maxhütte, the today’s technology corresponds to the latest requirements and needs. The initial number of 34 members has increased to meanwhile constant 60 members. They are working in different departments and areas of the company, among them many shift workers and they can give first aid at work as well.

In order to be prepared for larger incidents (fire and accidents), the fire brigade conducts annual training and fire drills with the fire brigades of the surrounding communities of the district Saalfeld-Rudolstadt. Furthermore, many areas of Stahlwerk Thüringen GmbH are equipped with fire alarm systems for early fire detection and with sirens to ensure acoustic alarm. Smoke extraction of control cabinets and switchboards is ensured by smoke extraction systems. The steel plant is equipped with automatic extinguishing systems being able to detect and extinguish fires. In addition, we have several semi-automatic extinguishing systems that are manually fed in by our extinguishing team.

Participation in the company firefighting brigade is a voluntary activity. We would therefore like to thank all active and former members for their tireless commitment! In this way, major damage and production downtimes could be avoided, detected at an early stage or be fought.

Picture: Fire extinguishing exercise of the company fire brigade at the dedusting plant.