SWT takes part in the European Action Day for the Steel Industry

The "industriAll Europe" is a European trade union organisation and member of the European Trade Union Confederation based in Brussels and once again called on all its member unions, including the IG Metall in East Thuringia, to take part in the Action Day for the Steel Industry.

Today's day of action is aimed at politicians and decision-makers in Europe, but also in the nation states, to stand up for the preservation and safeguarding of the iron and steel industry and its thousands of employees.

"Our joint appearance and concerted action with the trade unions on the day of action emphasises the necessity and urgency for political action: Energy prices in Germany are among the highest in the world and massively jeopardise our competitiveness.

For to ensure our green steel - sustainable and climate-friendly - electricity costs must be reduced to have a continued future", says Frank Wagner, Production manager at SWT.

Photo: Jens Tressl - part of the works meeting on 19 March 2024 at SWT