How our steel is made: Scrap is the raw material for our steel.

    A mixture of various types of steel scrap is our most important raw material to produce steel sections.


    Our profile steel is made from 100 % scrap. This scrap is delivered by rail or truck and comes from within a radius of 200 km.  Before entrance to the site we check truck and wagon loads for possible impurities. After this inspection the scrap is transported to our scrap yard where the technological stages of the steel processing begins. Our scrap yard is bigger than two football pitches. With its storage capacity it ensures a continuous raw material supply for our steel plant where approx. 3.500 tons of scrap are needed every day.

    Befüllen Schrott-Fähren

    Huge grabs and magnets fill the scrap baskets with a mixture of various types of scrap such as demolition and sheared scrap, swarf and shredded material. A system of two radio-controlled rail carriages automatically transports the filled baskets. Each scrap basket has a capacity of approx. 110 m3. The rail vehicle continues to the sluice gate of the melting shop. It is the entrance to our modern electric steel plant.

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