Production Process.

Our integrated steel plant (mini mill concept) produces steel sections using the following process steps.

  • Scrap Yard

    A mixture of various types of scrap is our most important raw material for the production of steel sections.
  • Melting Shop

    The scrap is molten in the direct current electric arc furnace. This uses as much energy as a town of 100.000 inhabitants. The next step is the ladle furnace. Here we add alloys to produce the steel grade required.
  • Casting Shop

    As a preparation for the further process steps the molten steel is poured into moulds for producing beams. We use the continuous casting machine for parallel casting of 4 beams blanks. The flame cutting machine cuts the beams to lengths between 4.5 and 11 meters.
  • Rolling Train

    After preheating to 1250° we produce the steel sections as per the customer's specification on three rolling stand groups.
  • Finishing Department

    The sections are straightened, sawn to the ordered lengths, bundled and labelled.
  • Dispatch

    Our products are shipped via wagon or truck to the customers in Europe and all over the world. Our steel sections are used on important construction sites worldwide.