How our steel is produced: Logistics.

    Our profile steel is prepared for worldwide dispatch.

    We automatically stack the sawn profiles into bundles with various configurations on several stacking facilities. These bundles are weighed, centred and banded with steel strips in the binding lines. During the binding process we label each bundle with customer specific information.


    Versandhalle / Versandlager

    The dispatch hall and the dispatch stock.

    After leaving the binding line the bundles arrive at the transfer grid in the dispatch hall. Here the colour markings and stampings are carried out according to customer requirements. Our computerised logistic system enables, depending on the order, immediate dispatch of the bundles. The dispatch hall has a storage capacity of 2.500 t. In addition we have an outdoor storage facility for storage of 10.000 t of steel profiles ready for shipment. Our products are transported by railway and truck to the customer, in both cases loading is carried out using magnet cranes. Transport safety is ensured by using timber spacers and belt securing systems.


    Own rail transport company.

    From the perspective of sustainability and environmental protection we prefer transport by railway. Therefore we operate the own “Rail Transport Company of Stahlwerk Thüringen (EVU)”. Internal transport is carried out via a railway network having a total length of 28 km with radio-controlled diesel locomotives and goods wagons.

    Part of our production is delivered by our rail transport company. On their return journey our trains are normally loaded with scrap which supplies our steel production with new raw material.

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